Our marine survey services provide comprehensive assessments of vessels, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulatory requirements. From hull inspections to cargo surveys, we offer a thorough analysis to guarantee the seaworthiness of your vessel.

i.  Survey of loading and discharge of type of cargo (Wet, Dry, General,
Breakbulk, Frozen, Container, Gas etc) for quantity, quality and
ii.  Ullage Survey of loading and discharge of Crude Oil, Petroleum Products,
and chemicals for quantity, quality and condition.
iii.  Sampling.
iv.  Draft Survey.
v.  Survey of Holds for Cleanliness and Fitness to load.
vi.  Weighing of Cargo for loading and discharge.
vii.  Moisture Content Testing during loading and discharge.
viii.  Survey of Stuffing and Unstuffing of containers.
ix.  Supervision of loading on board.

i. Survey and Investigation of Damage to all types of cargo (Wet,
Dry, General, Breakbulk, Frozen, Container etc)
ii. Survey of Collision Damage of Vessels

i. Monitoring of Vessels Port Calls, Voyages etc for Loss Prevention,
Billing etc.
ii. Condition Survey of Vessels for On/Off Hire, P & I Pre-Entry, PrePurchase.
iii. Custody Transfer Survey.
iv. Bunker Survey for On/Off Hire.
v. Bunker Supply Survey.
vi. Salvage Sales Survey.
vii. Valuation of Vessels.
viii. Inspection of Mineral Ores – Pre-shipment and Shipment

i. Measurement of all types of cargo for loading, freight and billing
ii. Measurement of Gas Free levels
iii. Measurement of temperature for dispute resolution.

i. Discrepancy in Shore and Ship Quantity of Wet Cargo
ii. Grounding of Vessels.
iii. Collision with Quay and Port/Terminal Objects
iv. Claims
v. Marine Incidents

i. Verification of loading of Import cargo for conformity and


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